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Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace in Sterling Silver

Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace in Sterling Silver

Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace in Sterling Silver
Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace in Sterling Silver
Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace in Sterling Silver

Product Description

This item is currently out of stock.

Our "Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace" includes up to 3 sterling silver stamped charms. Each charm is delicate and measures 5/8" in diameter. They swing together from a textured sterling silver chain.

Necklace Features:
  • Engraving is done by hand, not by machine. The letters might not line up straight and slight variations in spacing in text are to be expected. It is part of the charm of handcrafted jewelry.
  • The charms are tiny 5/8" and delicate. The chain is textured sterling silver chain.
  • Each charm can be attached to a link on the chain or can be hung loosely - please select.
  • How the charms are hung: Charm 1 is the charm on the left when you are facing it. Example, "Janae is charm 1 in the photo.
  • The personalization is engraved along the bottom edge of the charm.
  • Pendants are satin/matte finish, not shiny.
  • Name will be engraved with the 1st letter in caps or we can engrave the entire name in lowercase. Due to the limited space on the charm, we are unable to engrave the entire name in all caps.
  • All 3 charms must be engraved at the time of ordering. We are unable to engrave a blank disc at a later date
  • Choose Cursive/Script, Block/Gothic or Typewriter font.
  • Available in 14K gold-fill for $155. Click here to order Triple Charms Name Necklace in Gold.
  • Add a small polish cloth to keep your pendants looking shiny and new. (Optional)
  • Yes, we can ship outside of the US! The shipping cost is $40. Please email us at for ordering instructions.
  • Beautifully gift packaged ready in a Jewelry Gift Box at no extra cost.

Designer: Jewelry by Chloe

Shipping Time: This item is custom made especially for you upon order. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for production time to ship out. Rush is not available for this item.

Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace in Sterling Silver
Item#: BLCHE045
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Sale price: $128.00
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Add Tiny Charm 4
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Charm 4 Name:
Add Tiny Charm 5
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Add Tiny Charm 6
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Add Tiny Charm 7
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The story of our "Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace in Sterling Silver":

Jan's silver necklace lay on top of the dresser we shared. I picked it up and ran my fingers on the small round charms that hung from it; they were smooth except for the engravings. There were 3 charms: the middle one has her name on it, the one to its left has our brother, Liam's, name, and the one to the right has mine - Rachel.

Several of Jan's clothes, the ones she deemed were too out of style, were strewn across her bed. On my bed on the other hand, lay one neatly folded sweater. Still quite fashionable, it was the color of deep rose and plunged beautifully but not scandalously down in front. It was the one I always took from her closet when I have run out of sweaters to wear.

Downstairs, I could hear her arguing with our mother. She was looking for a book that she claimed she had left on the dining table before turning in for the night. I glanced around the room and my eyes found the said book on the bed, half concealed by a gray shirt.

Jan is a champion at misplacing her stuff. And she is also a winner at complaining about it. If we didn't have a mother who seemed to have the sixth sense (which is to locate everything Jan loses), Jan would be buying a new pair of glasses every two weeks.

I clutched the necklace in my fist and waited.

I will miss Jan. I will miss the late-night talks and the pointless arguments. I will miss borrowing her lip gloss and raiding her closet.

Heavy and hurried footsteps thundered on our wooden stairs.

I have two more years before I go away for college and become too busy with my own life to miss my older sister. But in the meantime, I think there will be a lot of missing to do.

"Hey Rachel? Did you see my necklace?"